3 Kinds of Tweets that will Make Them Love You

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So, Twitter. It can feel overwhelming to even know where to start when it comes to engaging your online audience through Twitter, but it’s important. After all, your fans and clients are hanging out all over the social media bird and they’re talking about things that are relevant to their lives.


There’s one great rule about Twitter that my favorite mentor, Dallas Travers, teaches. This rule really helps me “keep it real” when it comes to sharing on social media. When it comes to Twitter, Dallas says: Remember, it’s not a platform for teaching, it’s a platform for engaging with people. After all, it’s call SOCIAL media for a reason!

The goal is to pique interest in your followers and build the trust factor. So when you’re scheduling your tweets or hopping on for a quick check-in, make it simple by sticking to these three types of tweets that will get great results:

1. Ask Questions

Your followers are on Twitter so they can interact, so give them some action! Questions like, “Got any fun plans this weekend?” or “What’s the biggest mistake you ever made in your business?” or “Has anyone seen Godzilla? What’d you think?” are really great and will usually spark conversation.

It’s good to keep your questions focused around your niche, but don’t feel like you’re ONLY allowed to talk about your area of expertise. There’s great value in sharing day-to-day things to which your audience can relate (“How do you know if you have a good babysitter?”; “Do you like Starbucks or Coffee Bean better?”).

Think about the kinds of questions your audience will love, and schedule them into your Tweet Schedule. Easy peasy!

2. Get Inspirational

There’s nothing that will get retweeted like a concise inspirational quote. When I’m hunting for motivation-fodder, I go to BrainyQuote.com and choose a nice short quote to drop into Twitter and send out. BrainyQuote.com is great because all their quotes are organized by topic, so if you’re looking for a quote about happiness you can easily search and find something that fits perfectly.

Here’s one of my favorites:

3. Give Them A Peek Behind The Veil

A great way to connect with your Twitter followers is through images of your life. Photos of you getting ready for your big speaking engagement or lounging with your pup are really fun ways to let people in to see your human side. An easy mistake to make when running a small business is to project yourself as too perfect and professional. Don’t be afraid to let people in a little bit – you don’t have to share your SSN, but showing them you’re a human being sure won’t hurt anything!

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