3 Reasons An Entrepreneur Should NEVER Ignore Their Blog (this includes you, actors!)

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This week I wrote a guest post for Sarah Siadat’s blog at MentoringForActors.com. Sarah is a genius actor career coach, so I’m honored to appear on her site! Check out the article, below…


Let’s think about this logically. When you meet someone you really like and go on a date with them, what is the first thing you do when you get home?

Duh, you Google them!

You want to find out more about their job, their life experience, and see if any weird stuff comes up that might be a red flag. And though you wouldn’t dream of friending them on Facebook so soon (you wouldn’t want to reveal you hand that early!), you sure wouldn’t mind stumbling upon a few photos to remind you just how dreamy they are (or not).

You know what’s really crazy about this Google thing? Your potential collaborators are doing the same thing when your headshot passes across their desk and they are thinking about working with you.

Walk the Walk

In my experience, the more you put yourself out there and create a web presence that really reflects how you want to be viewed as an artist, the more people will come in alignment with your… [READ THE REST OF THE POST HERE]

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