5 Habits of More Effective Writers

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Contributed by Kenneth Waldman

There are two types of successful writers out there – the ones blessed with an innate talent and perpetual inspiration, and the ones who work hard every day. The latter ones have no choice but to technically grow by constant practice. You will be surprised, but most famous writers achieved their recognition through routine.

If you want to be a remarkable online writer, waiting for the inspiration to come is not an option. In the online environment only constant contributors survive. So let’s see how you can improve those skills and why not, cash in more money.


  1. Work every day

As stated before, routine has great benefits for creation, too. Writing every day is a goal that you must reach! Don’t have projects? It doesn’t matter, just complete a post for your personal blog. Every text written is a step towards perfection. This exercise will train your brain permanently, forcing it to think in creative ways.

Having a really bad day where you think writing is totally out of question? Good! Then write about that! You will observe that there’s nothing more healing than the writing itself. It has self-analyzing properties that can help you work through the rough day.

In the end, here’s a piece of advice that contradicts this rule: choose to have one day per week away from anything that means work and writing. A break is necessary especially in this industry – the brain needs some time off to disconnect from the effort. Additionally, after this, you will feel fresher and have better ideas.

The benefits of this habit: you’ll transform into a faster writer, one who can complete projects in short periods of time and move on to the next task at hand.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Writers are often associated with bohemian living styles – waking up late, working when in the mood, admiring the world, and so on. This regime may be valid for genius minds that are able to create an ever-living masterpiece from a spontaneous idea. And because this case is extremely rare, the rest of the writers must say good-bye to comfortable schedules.

Even if you stay at home, make a habit out of waking up early and starting the day with working activities. Use your rested mind to finish projects or to look for potential customers.

Then, accept as many tasks as possible – you have to sweat for that small fortune you dream about! Eliminate distractions and create a working environment where you can easily focus.

Next, it is always indicated to accept tasks from new industries, even if they are low paid. Think about this – in a normal world, people don’t give you money to learn new things. On the contrary, all courses have taxes and fees. So take advantage of every opportunity and explore all areas.

Here are the benefits of this habit: you get to learn which niche you like better; plus, you become a professional in a certain field by writing articles for others.

  1. Never give up

There are a lot of online writers out there applying for jobs. The competition is huge. This is why you must know how to accept a rejection. Just remain positive and confident in your skills – without doubt, clients will come one day.

It is essential to look for tasks everyday and to apply to suitable posts. Prepare a template that fits every application and send it along with your resume. Employers appreciate personal presentations and communicative persons.

If someone rejects you, politely thank him/her for the opportunity and offer your services for future different projects. Do this especially if the client has paid you for writing a test article.

Key benefits: You will learn general payment rates and you will struggle to create better and better texts. Additionally, you will keep professional relationships with everybody.

  1. Put it away for a period of time

Let’s say you have completed a project before the deadline. Instead of rushing to deliver it, just put it away and don’t think about it for a while. After this, come back and read the text with a critical eye – this will only be possible due to the previous distancing. Think like a customer: what are the strengths of the article, what can be improved, what would you modify?

Major benefits of this procedure: you will be able to observe the flaws in your writing and to come up with solutions.

  1. Hire professional proofreaders

It is always indicated to have another pair of eyes checking the text. Professional editors are capable of magical things – instantly improving the structure, eliminating every possible mistake, correcting the formatting, updating the sources and so on.

Online writing companies work with experienced proofreaders who have high educational degrees in various academic fields. As a consequence, these can also correct specialized terms and articles on narrow niches. Their help is essential especially for beginners who are just becoming familiar with certain areas.

Choose to hire serious proofreading companies that have positive reviews and genuine testimonials. Selecting the cheapest service is not a good solution. Instead, look for a balance between the price and the quality delivered.

Here are the benefits of hiring proofreaders: you get to deliver perfect texts and build a professional reputation; these aspects will bring in more and more clients every day.

Try to include these indications in your daily writing routine and also feel free to share personal successful habits with us!

Author: Kenneth Waldman is an experienced writer at Ninja Essays writing company. He is also a Designer at Ask Petersen Essays Reviews (e.g., check Paper Help critique). You can follow him on Twitter.

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