[Blog Execution] How to Get Readers to Comment on Your Blog

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Clients often ask me about the best ways to get readers to comment on their blog. We all know how frustrating it can be to craft a masterpiece blog post only to have no one respond to it! Remember, just because you’re not seeing as many comments as you’d like doesn’t mean that people aren’t reading your material and thinking about it.


Here are three ways to up the engagement on your blog posts.

1. Ask for Comments + Make it Easy

Just like in selling, readers often won’t be the ones to make the first move. Even if they love your blog post, many people are so busy that it won’t occur to them to share, like or comment on the post unless specifically directed to do so. Now, your invitation doesn’t have to be salesy or smarmy – it can come from a place of being open-hearted and interested in what your audience is thinking.

For instance, a great call to action might be, “What will you do this week to get more people to comment on your blog? Leave a comment in the area below – and be sure to include your website link so we can take a look!”

Oh, and also  – make sure that comments are enabled on your blog so people can chime in!

2. Stick to Length Guidelines

A big killer of blog comments is overly-wordy blog posts. The best rule of thumb is to make sure all your blog posts are between 300-600 words – any longer, and chances are your readers will get distracted and pop over to another site before they even realize you’ve asked them to comment.

Got too much to say to trim it down? No problem! Split your long post into a two-parter: bonus points if you leave a little note at the bottom saying something like, “Come back next week to learn the next 5 tips…”

3. Share the Wealth

…of information, that is! Your blog posts may be brilliant, but if no one knows about them, what good are they doing? Make sure you have social share enabled and you’re consistently posting on social media platforms whenever you post a new article.

Remember that even some of the biggest blogs only receive 2-3 comments regularly on their blog, and keep moving forward confidently!

So, which of these three strategies will you implement this week to boost comments on your blog? Leave a note below and let us know what your plans are!

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