[Blog Vision] Draw in Your Ideal Client with Language

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Just about the time that election ballots are being mailed out, you start to hear your anti-establishment friends saying things like, “I’m not going to vote because I’m just one person and one vote isn’t going to make a difference.” We all have friends like that, right?


Now, let’s just get one thing clear: I’m not in the business of encouraging people to vote or discussing politics, but I am in the business of helping people understand that one person can, indeed, have a major impact on how the world works when their message is laser focused and they know how to communicate it to their audience. I’m not just talking about exceptional individuals like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Abraham Lincoln. I’m talking about you and me, the people going to work every day to make a living and support their families.

Alright, so maybe the ballot issue isn’t quite the right analogy for this conversation. But let’s just talk about how important it is to talk the talk of your ideal clients.

One Person Makes a Difference and I Can Prove It

As much as we would like to believe that our individual actions don’t make much difference in the grand scheme of things, it’s simply not true. If you work in the same industry as 500 other consultants, you might start to feel like you have nothing special to offer. And besides, you’re just one person, right? What difference could you really make? What power do you really have to impact hundreds or thousands of people?

Last week I was driving from Los Angeles to Long Beach to visit a friend. Normally the drive would take about 40 minutes, but that day someone had gotten in a car accident and traffic was crawling. It took me 90 minutes – over double the time – to get to my destination.

One person’s actions impacted me in a very direct and visceral way that day. Not only me, but also every other driver who was headed South on the 405 that day. Talk about having an impact (no pun intended)!

If one person can have such a negative impact on so many others, wouldn’t it be just as easy to have a positive impact on so many others if you choose to?

Who do You Want to Help?

When I first moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, I had no idea where to start. I was in my early 20’s, I was single, I didn’t have an acting job nor did I know where to look for one. All I knew was that I had dropped out of college and picked up to move across the country because I felt so strongly about the direction of my life.

Before long, I met Dallas Travers: the Actors’ Advocate. Dallas taught me how to approach acting as a business, and my life was changed forever: I became a business woman. Later, I discovered that Dallas has what she calls a “Marketing Magnet,” which I’ve also heard called an “Ideal Client Profile.” Guess who fit her ideal client profile like a glove? Yours truly.

Get Clear + Change Some Lives

I’m so grateful that Dallas was clear about who she wanted to work with. If she hadn’t been so crystal about her perfect client, I’m not sure she would have been on my radar… and maybe I would have moved back to Colorado by now!

When you’re clear about the people you want to attract to your business, you’re giving them an opportunity to experience life-changing transformation. Who are you to withhold that from others?

This week, take a look at your blog. Does it REALLY speak to your perfect client, or is it somewhat generic? Are you talking to your clients in a language that they understand, or would they breeze over your offerings and move on to the next greatest thing? Where could you make little tweaks to improve your lingual communication (ooh, big words!)?

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