Do You Have Cabin Fever? If You’re Feeling Stuck, It’ll Show Up On Your Blog

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There are days when I just can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m about to go crazy: all the typing, all the phone calls, all the writing on the white board and planning and goal-setting…


Sometimes I just need a break!

Can you relate to that?

You can call it cabin fever, you can call it getting the itch, or you can just plain call it ants in your pants, but every now and then a change of scenery is really important.

And by the way, it totally 100% relates to blogging.


Yes! A change of scenery will make your blog better. If you’re used to writing from your kitchen table/office (like I am), try setting up shop in the local beanery. Or your mom’s house. Hell, even your back deck.

Maybe it seems counter-intuitive to uproot yourself from your regularly scheduled programming only to re-set up everything in a slightly different location, but go with me here for a second.

Here’s the reality: your blog is only going to be as healthy, interesting and creative as you feel.

It’s kind of like your direct communication line with your peeps.

If you’re feeling burnt out, bored, cramped from sitting in the same wooden kitchen chair day after day (yeah, I’ve been there), guess what?

Your blog will reflect those sentiments.

Nourish Yourself, Nourish Your Blog

Here are some solutions that I’ve found to work for my blogging efforts.

  1. Give yourself a stop time. And really stop when the stop time comes ticking. When there’s a deadline, you’ll work more quickly and more effectively. AND you’ll be more creative. (“OMG! I have to write a blog post in 30 minutes!? Okay, better buckle down…”)
  1. Work from a new location. It doesn’t have to be far. It can be the difference between working from your kitchen versus working from your sofa. Different locations, different body postures and positions will inspire different thoughts and actions and (hopefully) get your juices flowing in new and interesting ways that people will actually want to read.
  1. For God’s Sake, Go On Vacation! Everyone needs a break. Yes, even you (don’t try to tell me you haven’t been sneaking in an hour of work here and there on your “weekends”). The best way I’ve found to truly take a break is to get myself out of the house (aka my office) and visit a new place for a day or two, no electronics allowed! Okay, maybe the GPS because I’m not too keen on getting lost in the woods, but no texts, emails, social media or phone calls.

I’d be willing to bet that by the time you get back to work after implementing just one of these strategies you’ll feel refreshed and interested in the work again.

Cabin fever is the pits. You don’t have to force your way through it!

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