Have you hit a glass ceiling in your business building efforts?

I know how hard it is to run your own business.  Juggling appointments, managing your inbox, taking care of bills, spending hours on the phone, making sure your current clients are happy.

There just isn’t enough time to manage it all, let alone tap into a larger pool of potential customers.

I know you get it.  The secret to a successful coaching business is client attraction and retention.  I know that If you could do it all, you would do it all.

But the truth is that your expertise is coaching – helping your clients create massive breakthroughs – not slaving over your laptop coming up with new fresh content to share with your tribe every week!

Enter, the Blog Babe.

My expertise is in distilling your wealth of knowledge and turning it into consistent, valuable content that your audience will eat up. My job is to help them feel connected to you, your work and your message so they’ll keep coming back for more.

Curious? Read on!


Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3…

Step One: Gather Intel

I’ve created a simple yet thorough 7-question survey so I can get a feel for your expertise, style, and mission.  I know your time is valuable, so don’t worry.  This will take less than 30 minutes.

I’ll also review your website, your previous blog entries and other content you’ve created in the past to get a sense of what you’re all about and what your clients need most.

Then, we’ll create your Ideal Reader Profile so we both know exactly who’s reading your blog – and who you most want to connect with.


2Step Two: Talking Points
We’ll meet on the phone to discuss the specific problems you solve for your clients, the most common questions they ask you and the things you’re most passionate about.

From there, I’ll brainstorm a list of  topics that speak directly to your client base and represent your unique approach.


Step Three: Article Approval

Once you’ve approved the list, I’ll plug them into an editorial calendar that will serve as our blog and e-zine outline for each month throughout the year. That way, you’ll have a big picture of how your editorial calendar will unfold.

From there,  I’ll write four blog posts that you can review and adjust if you like. I’ll make sure we’re always four weeks ahead of schedule, so you never feel like you’re under the gun.

So think of it this way: we’ll approve February’s blog posts in January, and March’s posts in February.


4Step Four: Set It and Forget It

Here’s where you get to sit back and relax because your blog posts are already written.

No more worrying about content creation, because I’ve got your back.

I’m Your Babe If…

  • You want to add more value but can’t find the time…
  • You want to expand your reach and readership…
  • You need extra help in your business, but can’t afford a full-time assistant…
  • You know blogging is important, but it’s just a pain in your neck!

I’m SO Not Your Babe If…

  • You’re a control freak…
  • You don’t appreciate the value of marketing…
  • You’re confused about who you are and what you truly offer your clients…
  • You’re afraid to REALLY share your message with the world.

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