The Power of Blog Delegation

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One of the biggest problems I see entrepreneurs facing as their business grows is that there’s simply too much to do in a day. It’s impossible to get everything done: when you work for yourself, you have to bring in new clients, keep the current clients happy, do your own book keeping, and keep the day-to-day details of your business on track.

delegationThat’s a lot – and I can tell you all about it from personal experience!

One of my great mentors, Dallas Travers, told me that when she finally handed over some of the details of her business and hired an assistant, she saw a major increase in her monthly revenue. Why? Because she was no longer required to spend her time on details like tweeting. Instead, she spent her time building new courses, reaching out to new potential clients, and serving the people who had already chosen to work with her.

You can do the same.

Delegate… but don’t Desert!

Wes Jankowski of CEO Dentist says something really smart about delegating: he reminds his clients that although delegation is an incredible tool that must be implemented as soon as possible in a business, it’s not an excuse to desert the task completely.

Sure, we would love to be able hand over a task and have it handled as completely as if we had done it ourselves. Who wouldn’t want that? But the fact of the matter is, you and only you know just how you like it to be done. You and only you are the head of your company, and you (and only you) can make the precise decisions and choices to run your business.

That said, it’s a whole lot easier to review a piece of writing that’s intended to go up on your blog than to actually spend a few hours writing it!

Delegate the Details

Alright, let’s talk turkey. When I first learned about delegation, I loved the idea of it, but I couldn’t quite wrap my head about specifically what I could give up in my business to create more time for income-generating activities. So, I’ve created some questions you can ask yourself to pinpoint areas that can be delegated.

Here they are:

  • Which activities are you participating in on a daily or weekly basis that make you hate your business? (For me, these are things like book keeping, invoicing, and scheduling social media. Yleck.)
  • Which activities are directly correlated to money coming into your business? (This probably looks like sales calls, attending networking events, and email interaction with potential clients).
  • Which activities feel like “busy work”? (Hello, emptying out my inbox for 2 hours because I get so many emails over the weekend!)

Delegate the Writing

So, why is The Blog Babe writing about delegation? Good question. Blogging is one of those things that can be delegated easily when you have a writer who knows your voice, understands blog strategy, and connects with your audience.

What may normally take you a couple hours to do on your own can literally turn into a 15-minute per month activity. I’m not joking! My private clients, on average, spend 15 minutes on the phone with me per blog topic they want to discuss. That’s as little as 60 minutes per month on their blogging. Total.

Can you dig it?

If you’re ready to stop slaving away over your keyboard, give me a buzz at The Blog Babe can take a lot of that pressure off your back and free you up for income-generating activities.

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  1. As always Allison, it feels like your advice is talking just to me. This was a great reminder, I’ve been thinking about expanding our of being a one woman show. Thanks for the encouragement.

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