Praise for The Blog Babe


“The Blog Babe has made my life easy, breezy. If you want to be more consistent in your email marketing and on your blog, you’re in good hands with The Blog Babe.”

– Dallas Travers, Through the Roof Coaching1

“Allison’s Blog Star program gave Sleepytime Club the jump start it desperately needed. I went from having nothing to having a great blog, which is the foundation of my business. I feel like a real successful blogger based not only on the feedback I receive on my content, but on the fact that I am now a Huffington Post blogger. None of that could have happened without Allison’s class.

“The Blog Star class is packed with information, strategies… and surprise goodies. Take it the next time it comes around for sure! Allison couldn’t have been warmer or more supportive. I’m so grateful for The Blog Babe guiding me and encouraging me through a 180 degree turn for the better in my life and business.”

-Brook Packard, Sleepytime Club


“I absolutely love working with The Blog Babe. She makes blogging easy and more efficient. What would take me several hours to do, now only takes a few minutes! Thanks, Blog Babe! You’re the best!”

-Annie Volk, The Heartbeet Chef



“Allison took my thoughts and magically transposed them into beautiful blog entries. If you’re not one to write your thoughts but need a blog, or if you just don’t know where to start and need a bit of direction, The Blog Babe is here to help!”

-PJ Evans, Actor



“For those of you who don’t know it already … I have been using Allison since Day 1 of my blogging. My intention was to have her do my first dozen blogs, learn from her and then take it over myself. When I received the first four blogs I was completely astonished because they 100% absolutely, positively sounded like me. It was as if I had taken the time to write them myself.

“Allison’s process is remarkable. We spend about an hour on Skype discussing my four blog topics. Sometimes I wing it and other times I am fully prepared with specific quotes, links to studies, etc. Regardless of how we function on that particular Skype session, my blogs always come out amazing.

“If you aren’t blogging because you don’t have the time or don’t want to be bothered with the hassle, then set up a time to talk to Allison. I can honestly tell you that my blogs have opened up conversations that have led to PAYING CLIENTS! Yes, it’s true.”

-Christie Miller, Eat Train Win



“Working with The Blog Babe is the number one reason that my ezine has consistently gone out on schedule and I have consistently published articles on a website popular with my ideal clients for more than a year.  With these 2 strategies alone, I have grown my list from under 100 to almost 1000 and generated high-ticket sales in a population that some say, ‘doesn’t even buy their own pencils.'”

-Martha Austin, Greatness in Government



“Before The Blog Babe, just the thought of blogging made me quit before I started! Allison is the real deal, she is not only an expert writer, she is professional, timely and makes my ideas sound genius.

“Since using her service, I feel confident about my content, excited to share it with my audience and ready to stay on the path of creating consistent material. I would recommended The Blog Babe to anyone with a business small or large. She makes blogging look good.”

-Sarah Siadat, Mentoring for Actors



“Allison’s services are a big time saver I can trust. It’s awesome that I can truly check ‘write blog post’ off my to-do list because I know she’s on it, and that she’ll be true to my voice. The appeal of blogging is how personal it is, and Allison’s writing definitely stays true to that.”

-Brooke Bishop, Filmmaker



“All I can say is WOW. You captured the content and context of our interview beautifully.”

-Wes Jankowsky, CEO Dentist



“Ahhhhhh, your writing is so wonderful… you’ve really captured the ideas well and told the stories to dove tail in. The way you pace the blog article information with the memorable story is captivating.”

-Lisa Hatamoto, Inspiring Student Success



“I’m so stoked because I keep getting notifications that people are liking my blog! This week alone I had 20 new people sign up [for my list] in one day. It’s been happening more and more, and it’s funny because it’s articles we worked on a while ago that are still surfacing.”

-Rochele Lawson, Health Healing Wellness



“Allison delivers her Blog Star program with a combination of organized precision, playful light heartedness and interactivity. Her fun yet business-like approach guarantees you’ll get your questions answered and walk away with a solid game plan for how to set up a successful business blog!”

-J. Deblibes, Actor and Public Speaker



“I have to tell you, I’m so happy with the work you do!  Getting a consistent blog has been on our list for a long time, and we had a hard time finding the right fit, but you have done a great job of helping us get our message and voice out there, thank you!”

-Melissa D, Independent Business Consultant



“I love working with Allison!  Even though I love to write (and still do write), having her help and expert eye makes everything so much easier!

“Having calls with Allison that she transcribes makes the blogging process really flow for me!  The set time for our calls means that I take time beforehand to think of topics I want to cover.  Then, Allison’s questions help me avoid the mistake of taking too big leaps in my thinking or making assumptions about what most people know.  And through the conversation, I often go into subjects I hadn’t even thought to write about!

“I used to spend my Saturdays writing a post, including time to agonize, procrastinate and debate with myself.  Now, I invest a couple of hours a month preparing for and having our call, then a little time each week making any changes I want to the article she’s sent me and writing an intro for my zine. Working with Allison and my VA has freed my Saturdays for family and self-care time!

“Allison’s curiosity, enthusiasm, clarity and writing skills make her a perfect partner for my blog!”

-Sara Arey, Refuture Your Life


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