Small Business Tools to Boost Productivity

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Contributed by Kate Simpson

Are you working from home as a freelancer or just getting started with your own small business? It can be a challenge to get yourself organized and handle all the tasks you have on your shoulders. Luckily, nowadays, there are a multitude of tools that can help you complete your tasks more swiftly and make your life easier overall.

Here are just a few of them that you should absolutely try out!

3 Things

Assignment Masters

Assignment masters is an online platform where you can hire skilled professionals short-term to work on projects. They have professionals with degrees and expertise in a variety of industries, and they are paid per project. Though not exactly cheap, they are value for money because the workers are genuinely qualified professionals that know their industry inside out.


Feedly works somewhat like Google Alerts, updating you on what’s new in your industry, but it’s a bit more refined. It allows you to tailor the type of notifications you’re getting to your specific needs, so that you don’t waste time on content that isn’t useful.


Buffer is a popular software program that you can use to manage, optimize and streamline your social media posting. Simply put, it gathers all your social networking accounts into one place and allows you to schedule posts and publish them from a single graphical user interface. Besides improving your productivity and saving time, you may also like that it comes with some great analytic functions that will come in handy.


If you have trouble staying organized, you will love Trello. The tool allows you to create lists and boards to organize your month, week or day in a very straightforward way. However, be warned that it requires a bit of commitment as, if you stop updating the tool, it becomes useless.

Try out these smart tools to optimize your workflow!

Kate Simpson is the head of editing at Assignment Masters. Kate is also contributing her own insights at news column.

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