Slow isn’t Bad, it’s Just Different

I once read that it takes most North Americans about three months to recover from the winter holidays. The theory is that we are pumped so full of alcohol, gifts and general “cheer” from mid-November to January 1, that we’re all stuck in this strange celebration hangover.


The funny thing about the holidays is that sometimes they’re so action-packed that we end up needing a rest after our “vacation”!

We don’t really want to see anyone, give any presents, or celebrate anything for the time being. Supposedly, that ends come mid- to end of March, when everyone gets spring fever and wants to disappear on a yachting trip for a week or so.

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Wahoo! 2015 is a Wrap for Blog Babe + Team

Wow, can you believe that 2015 is almost over? Seems like just a moment ago everyone was freaking out that it was going to be the year 2000…

This week’s video is a HUGE thank you to Blog Babe’s amazing clients and followers for making this year such a fun, positive and growth-filled year. Check it out!

Here’s to an incredible holiday season. 2016 is going to be even better, I can feel it!

I’m Self-Conscious!

You know that moment when you’ve been working on something forever, and it’s finally time to share it? You know how scary that can be?

Fears of being judged, worries about whether or not your work is good, and anxiety about what others will think of you are sooo normal! Today, I’d like to share my experience with you in creating a feature film, Innocent Sleep, that I wrote, co-produced and starred in this year.


By the way, for a little sneak peek into the film, visit OMG I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Just kidding. That was my self-consciousness coming out again! 🙂