November 2015 Mystery Location + Blog Tip: How to Keep Track of All the GOOD Blog Topic Ideas!

Ever sit down to write your blog and think… “OMG. I have no idea what to write!”

The crazy thing is, our brains are usually buzzing with ideas through the day. In today’s video, learn a great way to keep track of the ideas that pop up through the day so you can rock your blog!

Oh – and try to guess this month’s Mystery Location for a chance to win a $25 Target Gift Card.

How Healthy is Your Blog? It’s a Symptom of How Engaged You are in Your Business

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a heavy feeling in your heart? Like, even though you got a full night of rest and everything should be right in your world, you just feel uninspired?

Sometimes day-to-day business just gets, well, kind of old.

Dare I even say… boring?

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The One Blog Strategy That’s Guaranteed to Yield Successful Results

I was recently talking to a client about persistence. She referenced a list of very successful novelists and playwrights who couldn’t get published for the life of them – but who kept submitting over and over and over again until they saw success. What was it that had these people reject rejection and continue pushing forward despite the “No” they were hearing all around them? How did they continue believing in their message and expression?

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