How to Write Something They Actually Care About

Today I read that there are an estimated 45 billion webpages live on the Internet as of April, 2016. Even a week from now, a month or a year from now, can you imagine how that number will have exploded?

Talk about a crowded market!

With so much happening on the Internet, how can you craft something that actually stands out to your market? That people will care about, and that will be helpful to them?


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3 Reasons Stepping Away From Your Blog Will Actually Make It Better


Last week, business coach Michele Scism invited me to write a guest article for her blog. I love Michele’s work and I think it’s really important, so of course I said yes right away! Check out the post, below…

 It’s 4:50 pm on a Monday afternoon and you have a blog post to write. Not just any post – but a good one. One that engages your readers and nurtures a sense of trust and communion with your ideal clients.

Your intention is to compose a blog post that touches, moves and inspires the people who are aching for your work.

And so you sit, fingers poised over the keyboard – twitching slightly, perhaps, in the sweet anticipation of contact with the keys.

Those lush calls to action! Those juicy tips and plump bonuses! They’re dying to spill out onto the page; they want to connect with an audience that will eat them up.

But still you sit, poised to begin and yet unable.

The cursor blinks back at you, mockingly.

It knows.

With each empty blink in your face, it knows.

It knows that you have nothing to… READ MORE

Feeling Stuck in Business? Stop Trying to Be Someone Else!

It’s funny, but oftentimes we think we have to be “like” someone else, or act in a certain way that isn’t true to our nature, in order to see success in business and in life.

Today The Blog Babe wants to share some of my thoughts on this topic with you.

Happy April!