How Can You Tell if You’re Making an Impact with Your Blog?

Do you ever get the feeling that social media – including blogging – is just one big shouting match where everyone is trying to one-up each other?

I’ve heard a lot of business owners talk about this.┬áIt can feel reallllllly frustrating when you feel as though you’re putting out content and content and content and you’re not seeing the “massive returns” that social media supposedly will reap.

3 Things

So, let’s get really realistic about how to identify whether your blogging and social media efforts are actually making a difference. There are a few key ways to pinpoint if you’re meeting your goals, and sometimes they may be more subtle than you would expect.

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Blog Strategy: 5 Ways to Clear the Mind Clutter

As business owners, we have a lot on our mind because, let’s face it: we do A LOT! When you’re not working on client fulfillment, ideas for new programs come seeping in or you suddenly remember that old accounting issue that has to get cleared up.


Yep, we deal with a lot. From my position as The Blog Babe, I’ve noticed something that’s pretty universal in the world of entrepreneurship: when business owners get busy, blogging is usually the first thing to go! (By the way, Hubspot recently released a report of data gathered from thousands of entrepreneurs and online marketers (get it here) revealing that businesses who invested time into blogging as a marketing tool made more money than those that didn’t. So… yeah, it’s not really a good thing when blogging falls to the wayside!) Continue reading