How Can You Tell if You’re Making an Impact with Your Blog?

Do you ever get the feeling that social media – including blogging – is just one big shouting match where everyone is trying to one-up each other?

I’ve heard a lot of business owners talk about this. It can feel reallllllly frustrating when you feel as though you’re putting out content and content and content and you’re not seeing the “massive returns” that social media supposedly will reap.

3 Things

So, let’s get really realistic about how to identify whether your blogging and social media efforts are actually making a difference. There are a few key ways to pinpoint if you’re meeting your goals, and sometimes they may be more subtle than you would expect.

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3 Reasons Stepping Away From Your Blog Will Actually Make It Better


Last week, business coach Michele Scism invited me to write a guest article for her blog. I love Michele’s work and I think it’s really important, so of course I said yes right away! Check out the post, below…

 It’s 4:50 pm on a Monday afternoon and you have a blog post to write. Not just any post – but a good one. One that engages your readers and nurtures a sense of trust and communion with your ideal clients.

Your intention is to compose a blog post that touches, moves and inspires the people who are aching for your work.

And so you sit, fingers poised over the keyboard – twitching slightly, perhaps, in the sweet anticipation of contact with the keys.

Those lush calls to action! Those juicy tips and plump bonuses! They’re dying to spill out onto the page; they want to connect with an audience that will eat them up.

But still you sit, poised to begin and yet unable.

The cursor blinks back at you, mockingly.

It knows.

With each empty blink in your face, it knows.

It knows that you have nothing to… READ MORE

Do You Have Cabin Fever? If You’re Feeling Stuck, It’ll Show Up On Your Blog


There are days when I just can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m about to go crazy: all the typing, all the phone calls, all the writing on the white board and planning and goal-setting…


Sometimes I just need a break!

Can you relate to that?

You can call it cabin fever, you can call it getting the itch, or you can just plain call it ants in your pants, but every now and then a change of scenery is really important.

And by the way, it totally 100% relates to blogging.


Yes! A change of scenery will make your blog better. If you’re used to writing from your kitchen table/office (like I am), try setting up shop in the local beanery. Or your mom’s house. Hell, even your back deck.

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