October Mystery Location + Blog Tip: How to Use Key Phrases in Your Blog Posts

“Key Phrases” are one of those things that tend to throw people off. For some reason, we all like to get confused about what they are and what the heck to do with them!

Good news, blogger: the video below will give you some insight into that little issue.

Not only that, but this week is Mystery Location Week! That means that if you can guess the location where this video was shot, I’ll enter you into a $25 iTunes drawing PLUS you’ll be featured on my newsletter next week!

How’s that for a smart way to kick off October?

Hey Bloggers, Nobody’s Perfect (and Your Blog Doesn’t Have to be, Either!)

Do you ever struggle with “perfect syndrome”? You want to put out that perfect blog post, video, etc. but it just doesn’t seem perfect. Maybe it needs a little tweaking or you don’t think it captures your voice. We all have experienced this at one point or another.

You’re not alone – #nobody’sperfect

Here is my story of “perfect syndrome”… 🙂

You Can Have Fun + Still Provide Value

If there’s one thing that really wears me out when it comes to running my business, it’s when I get too serious. Usually right around the time things get heavy and uber serious is when I start worrying too much, over-thinking things, and cutting off my own creativity.

Not fun!

What I know for certain (as Oprah would say) is that my business must be creative, interesting and fun in order for me to be able to put forth my best self consistently.

Can you relate to that?

Now, let’s first get one thing straight: Continue reading