Do You Have Cabin Fever? If You’re Feeling Stuck, It’ll Show Up On Your Blog


There are days when I just can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m about to go crazy: all the typing, all the phone calls, all the writing on the white board and planning and goal-setting…


Sometimes I just need a break!

Can you relate to that?

You can call it cabin fever, you can call it getting the itch, or you can just plain call it ants in your pants, but every now and then a change of scenery is really important.

And by the way, it totally 100% relates to blogging.


Yes! A change of scenery will make your blog better. If you’re used to writing from your kitchen table/office (like I am), try setting up shop in the local beanery. Or your mom’s house. Hell, even your back deck.

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Hey Bloggers, Nobody’s Perfect (and Your Blog Doesn’t Have to be, Either!)

Do you ever struggle with “perfect syndrome”? You want to put out that perfect blog post, video, etc. but it just doesn’t seem perfect. Maybe it needs a little tweaking or you don’t think it captures your voice. We all have experienced this at one point or another.

You’re not alone – #nobody’sperfect

Here is my story of “perfect syndrome”… 🙂

How Healthy is Your Blog? It’s a Symptom of How Engaged You are in Your Business

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a heavy feeling in your heart? Like, even though you got a full night of rest and everything should be right in your world, you just feel uninspired?

Sometimes day-to-day business just gets, well, kind of old.

Dare I even say… boring?

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