I’m Self-Conscious!

You know that moment when you’ve been working on something forever, and it’s finally time to share it? You know how scary that can be?

Fears of being judged, worries about whether or not your work is good, and anxiety about what others will think of you are sooo normal! Today, I’d like to share my experience with you in creating a feature film, Innocent Sleep, that I wrote, co-produced and starred in this year.


By the way, for a little sneak peek into the film, visit www.InnocentSleep.com. OMG I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Just kidding. That was my self-consciousness coming out again! 🙂

Let’s Talk Hollywood for a Second – Innocent Sleep Film Trailer is Up!

For nearly two years, I’ve worked alongside some incredible creative collaborators to bring to life an important story. We created a modern-day film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, told from the perspective of Lady Macbeth.

The film is titled Innocent Sleep – and it is finally finished!

I’m so happy to share the trailer with you today. The truth is, I started The Blog Babe because, as an actress and writer based in Los Angeles, I needed a way to pay my bills and fuel my creative pursuits.

I refuse to be a starving artist. Instead, I choose to be a thriving artist.