Want to Make More Money? Go Clean Your Closet (Seriously)

I accept that you may already think I’m crazy just based on the headline of this article.

But despite that – or perhaps because of it – I’m going to walk through the logic of something that I once heard Suzanne Evans proclaim on stage, which was, “Anytime I want to make a butt load of money, I go around the house and throw stuff away.”

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Become More Effective by Eliminating Your Options

“A confused mind always says ‘no.’”

I’m not sure where that quote originated, but I’ve heard it often in the context of sales and marketing. The idea is that if you confuse your audience with multiple offers or complicated payment plans that go on forever, they’ll become unable to make a decision and instead just do nothing.

This is a thing. This is totally a thing – know how I know? Because my confused mind said NO last night (and in fact, says ‘NO’ all the time).


See, even though my business is centered around blogging and creating rock-solid online relationships with potential clients, I get super overwhelmed when there’s too many SEO strategies/list building techniques/business building plans flying at my face.

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Slow isn’t Bad, it’s Just Different

I once read that it takes most North Americans about three months to recover from the winter holidays. The theory is that we are pumped so full of alcohol, gifts and general “cheer” from mid-November to January 1, that we’re all stuck in this strange celebration hangover.


The funny thing about the holidays is that sometimes they’re so action-packed that we end up needing a rest after our “vacation”!

We don’t really want to see anyone, give any presents, or celebrate anything for the time being. Supposedly, that ends come mid- to end of March, when everyone gets spring fever and wants to disappear on a yachting trip for a week or so.

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