How Are You Cultivating Your Creativity?

Attending the Sundance Film Festival has always been one of my dreams.

Sure, yes, ideally it would be because I have a film project as part of the festival (I’ve submitted two different films, Last Ditch Therapy and Innocent Sleep, but neither have gotten in. Hey, man, Sundance has a 3% acceptance rate! That’s no joke!).

This year I finally decided that I’ve waited long enough! With only a smidge of self-doubt I jumped in the car and embarked on a 10+ hour drive to realize my dream.

Little did I know that waiting for me in Park City was a deep well of adventure, renewed creativity, and passion for the art of film making.

I made a little video for you while I was there – check it out!

So, how do you keep your passion alive? How do you stay in touch with your creativity? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments area, below!



Have A Love Affair- With Your Blog!

Most of us have heard Marsha Sinetar’s famous quote, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

When we’re passionate about our work, it shows. Potential clients and customers want to hire people who clearly love what they do and are happy to share it with the world. And of course, some of the most public and transparent evidence of passion comes out through the blog! When you’re excited to share your knowledge via a blog post, that enthusiasm really shines through the writing.

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