Blog Strategy- The #1 Thing You Can Do to be More Productive

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It seems like busy entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to be more productive and efficient. It makes sense! When you run your own business, there is so much you have to do to keep things flowing smoothly, that an extra couple of hours here and there would make a big difference!

Well, we can’t add hours to the week, but we can reduce the amount of time we spend playing catch-up and fixing mistakes. Want to find out how this relates to your blog? Check out today’s video, below.

Homework: Pinpoint one area where you haven’t been 100% true to your word. It could even be something small, like telling your partner that you were going to take out the trash and not doing it. Clean it up, and make a new promise.

Where are you working to have more integrity? Share your thoughts in the comments area, below!


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