You Can Have Fun + Still Provide Value

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If there’s one thing that really wears me out when it comes to running my business, it’s when I get too serious. Usually right around the time things get heavy and uber serious is when I start worrying too much, over-thinking things, and cutting off my own creativity.

Not fun!

What I know for certain (as Oprah would say) is that my business must be creative, interesting and fun in order for me to be able to put forth my best self consistently.

Can you relate to that?

Now, let’s first get one thing straight: I’m not talking about seriousness as it pertains to your level of commitment and the effort you put toward your goals. And of course, there are always things that must be done in business that aren’t so much fun but they still have to get done (that’s sort of the nature of life in general!).

I’m specifically talking about seriousness as in an unsmiling, controlling and stodgy mentality around business. Usually that mentality comes from a place of fear. And the results are certainly not fun or productive!

You Can Have Fun and Still Provide Value

Ever notice how some of the best brands are always making us laugh? Think of Tina Fey, who’s built her entire career on laughter, or Southwest Airlines (they have some of the happiest flight attendants I’ve ever met!).

As Suzanne Evans likes to say, “When they’re laughing, they’re buying.” And it’s true!

You have so much space to relax and have fun within your brand it’s ridiculous. In fact, I created a video just to prove it…

So, how are you demonstrating your expertise and helping others in a way that’s actually fun for you? This week, think of one thing you can do to have a little more fun in your business, and share it in the comments below!

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