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Howdy, bloggers! Thanks so much for stopping by The Blog Babe website. Since I’m not one for long introductions, here’s a little bit about me in five bullet points (how’s that for efficiency?)…

Allison Marie Volk

1. I started blogging in 2009 as a way to promote my acting career here in Los Angeles. It worked! I’ve booked jobs, signed with representation, and made new connections thanks to my actor blog.

2. I’m going through a hard core kale phase. Every day, gotta have it.

3. In college I played Princess Leia in MIT’s version of Star Wars Trilogy: Musical Edition. (It’s a real thing. And now you know that I’m a sci-fi nerd). 

4. I’m engaged to a wonderful man who is also an actor. He’s a star and I’m in awe of his talent and commitment.

5. I love working on stage and I’m in the midst of some sort of rehearsal process. In fact, right now I’m working on a production of August: Osage County with a great team of artists in Orange County.

Besides being obsessed with blogging, I’m also an actor and award-winning playwright and my work has been workshopped and produced in Los Angeles and New York. My first feature film script, Innocent Sleepwas produced and completed in 2015 and enjoyed a world premiere at a Los Angeles film festival in 2016 (I also acted in that film – what fun!). At the moment, I’m currently developing a new feature film comedy – fingers crossed for production in 2017! 

One of my favorite words is “Prolific.” I’m inspired by the idea of continual creation and generation; to me, that is the essence of connecting with the world in a meaningful way. If that sounds like what you’re up to as well, we just might be a perfect fit.

Please enjoy the Blog Babe and feel free to leave comments of your own (after all, that’s one of the best ways to spread your own work…)!



23 thoughts on “About the Blog Babe

  1. Allison, I love what you’re doing! Such a great service for solo-preneurs. Question for you… how easy is it for you to write for your clients who are relationship coaches or chiropractors if you yourself don’t have expertise in that area?

    • Hi Dallas, great question!

      Even though I might not have expertise in a certain area, I do have expertise in writing! Remember, my job is to take YOUR stuff and turn it into blog posts – I’m just articulating your genius in a way that’s accessible and fun to read for the general population. Think of me as the vessel through which your content gets shared and distributed!

  2. Wow Allison! What a great idea! I am so busy that I have a hard time keeping up with my weekly posts. Not only that, but I secretly HATE blogging. I would much rather spend my time in the kitchen conjuring up a new recipe. You would make my life soooo much easier. In your experience, how often does someone need to put up a blog post to have a really successful blog?

    • Hi Annie, thank you! Whether you blog daily or monthly, the most important thing is to be consistent. Publish your posts at a predictable time so your readership begins to feel they can rely on you. If weekly posts feel like too much for you, try twice a month or even once a month. Just remember: the most important thing is consistency.

      Good luck!

  3. Hey Blog Babe! I’m an actor and I think your idea is great! What do you think is the best way to share my blog with other actors?

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for your question. I love actors – I am one, too!

      Follow the blogs of actors who you like. When you read a good post, leave a brief comment and include your name and web address. They will appreciate your comment, and probably start following you back!

      Twitter is also a powerful tool. When you publish a blog post, tweet it to other actors! They just might like what you have to offer and share it with their followers, too. 😉


  4. This is so great Allison!

    I love this idea. I want to have a blog but the idea is still a little daunting to me- your help with upkeep sounds ideal. If I’m not yet completely convinced about investing in blogging– can you give me some good examples of how this will help with my marketing, or even my creative outlet as an actor?

    Thank you, Camille

    • Hi Camille!

      Yes, of course. The idea of blogging weekly can be a little overwhelming when you factor it into everything else you’re doing to promote your business. However, blogging is an excellent way to make yourself more accessible, more likeable, and more valuable in your industry.

      What would happen today if a Casting Director Googled your name? Would you be the first hit, or would it be another Camille? Regular blogging puts you at the top of the list, because Google responds best to websites that are routinely updated. People have always loved to work with their friends, and sharing your unique personality, accomplishments, and obstacles through a blog is a great way to create a similar feeling of connection.

      In terms of creative outlet, I think a blog is imperative. As an actor, what is better than sharing your work? The internet is a worldwide stage. Use it to bring your purposeful work to others.

      Best of luck, Camille!

  5. Love this service, Allison! As a busy actress and entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to delegate and save time. How would you get a sense of my voice in order to write for me?



    • Hi Ajarae, thanks for asking!

      It’s really important that I capture your voice – that’s why you and I will spend some time together over the phone for the initial consultation. I’ll have you fill out a short survey describing your “voice,” and I’ll also spend time reviewing your previous work. For instance, if you’ve already written a few posts or put up some videos, it’s a very helpful tool I use to get a sense of your vibe.

      Before anything is posted, you get final say. Usually after the first post or two we get in the swing of things!


  6. What an awesome concept! I personally am much better at chatting about what I’m passionate about than writing about it, so I love that you essentially translate interesting conversations into blog posts. I hope we can work together soon!

  7. Hey Blog Babe! Great offerings – I’m an educator looking to share my discoveries in the field via blogging/social media, but don’t have the time to manage the nuts and bolts. Do you also manage other social media for your clients, like Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages?

    • Hi Elias,

      Nope, I just do blog posts. If you want, I can pre-write some Tweets and Facebook posts for you, but it’s up to you to post them. That way, you can post whenever you want!


  8. What a great concept! I enjoyed reading all the comments as well. I couldn’t help but wonder if Elias’ request could be a way to grow your business by bringing a VA onto your team who can do that for clients who want that added service of posting on social media. Anyway, wonderful idea and I wish you all the best with it!
    warm wishes,

    • Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for your great idea! That might be a wonderful way to expand The Blog Babe in the future.


  9. Hi Blog Babe,
    My partner and I have a theater company for people in the Boomer generation. Is blogging a good tool to use for people who are 50 and older?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Good question. Whenever you have a consistently updated, content-rich blog, you are going to see benefit to your company. Regular blogging makes your website more searchable to engines like Google, which I’m guessing is the first place people over 50 will go when they want to search for a local theater company! So, yes, blogging is a great tool to use for people of all ages who are on the computer.


  10. Awesome Allison, you sound amazing and I applaud you on having a passion for blogging and for creating a service to make other people’s lives easier while you get to share your gifts and talents of blogging. I am just curious how you developed this concept. You sound like a Dallas Travers fan and possibly a TAC member…

    Great to find you~ Happy Blogging.

    Christina DeRosa

    • Hi Christina –

      Guilty! I’m a HUGE Dallas Travers fan, she’s one of my mentors and a wonderful friend, and she sparked my passion for The Blog Babe.

      I’m glad we’ve connected and look forward to seeing more of YOUR content as well!


  11. Hi Allison!

    Nice writing style and you are onto a great niche. With everyone’s busy schedules I am sure you are a godsend – reliable writers and quality content can be hard to come by as well. I sent you an inquiry and hope to hear back soon.

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