Where are all the Juicy Blog Topics?

I love using the word “Juicy” to describe blog topics. It makes me think of a succulent piece of fruit: it’s perfectly ripe, it’s oozing sweet juices and it’s just waiting for someone to come up and take a big bite.


We all want to feature blog topics this appealing every week. You know, the topics that your audience is simply salivating over. But sometimes things get so busy that sitting down to think of topics – let alone “juicy” topics – feels like an impossible task. Where can you find those oozing, sweet, succulent topics?

I have a few ideas about that. Continue reading

Who is Your Ideal Reader?

When I start working with a new blog client, one of the first questions I ask is, “Who are you talking to?” Some clients really have this nailed – they know exactly who their ideal reader is, down to the gender, age, race and living situation. That’s great, and it makes blogging much easier. 


When you’re not sure exactly who you’re talking to, things can get a little tricky. I had one client who was a brilliant guitarist. He had some trouble with his blog, however, because as well as performing on stage, he also taught guitar lessons. He wanted the blog to be for potential students of the class as well as potential venues who would hire him. But here’s the problem: if he looked like just another guitar teacher, why would a venue pay to bring him in?  Continue reading

Your Blog is the Key to Social Media Mastery

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: your blog is the key to social media mastery for your business.

The biggest problem people have with social media is that they run out of things to say. Their social media feed is suddenly reduced to pictures of their lunch or random phrases that don’t really promote their brand in a valuable way.


Well, I have good news: social media pooping-out is now a thing of the past, thanks to your awesome blog skills. Once you’re blogging regularly, have your editorial calendar in place, and have a mission statement for your blog, creating content for social media is really a cinch. Let me show you how. Continue reading