October Mystery Location + Blog Tip: How to Use Key Phrases in Your Blog Posts

“Key Phrases” are one of those things that tend to throw people off. For some reason, we all like to get confused about what they are and what the heck to do with them!

Good news, blogger: the video below will give you some insight into that little issue.

Not only that, but this week is Mystery Location Week! That means that if you can guess the location where this video was shot, I’ll enter you into a $25 iTunes drawing PLUS you’ll be featured on my newsletter next week!

How’s that for a smart way to kick off October?

Does Your Business Have Heart?

Blog Babe

Many business owners (myself included) grew up hearing things like, “do what you love and the money will follow!”

I suppose the theory is that when you truly follow your heart, when you really, really do what you love, then you’ll get really good at it (because you were meant to do it!) and people will want to pay you for it.

Maybe I haven’t been at life long enough to witness things happen exactly like that, or maybe my definition of “money” is just a little… bigger…than the person who jauntily quipped out that one-liner was thinking.

In any case, here’s what I do know: doing what you love will not make money by itself (I love watching movies but I haven’t made any money doing that. I also love playing with puppies and eating ice cream and sleeping in and brushing my teeth… and none of those things have made me money, ever).


Doing what you love + smart business strategy + the right mentors + consistent effort + a willingness to fail = Money

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3 Reasons Stepping Away From Your Blog Will Actually Make It Better


Last week, business coach Michele Scism invited me to write a guest article for her blog. I love Michele’s work and I think it’s really important, so of course I said yes right away! Check out the post, below…

 It’s 4:50 pm on a Monday afternoon and you have a blog post to write. Not just any post – but a good one. One that engages your readers and nurtures a sense of trust and communion with your ideal clients.

Your intention is to compose a blog post that touches, moves and inspires the people who are aching for your work.

And so you sit, fingers poised over the keyboard – twitching slightly, perhaps, in the sweet anticipation of contact with the keys.

Those lush calls to action! Those juicy tips and plump bonuses! They’re dying to spill out onto the page; they want to connect with an audience that will eat them up.

But still you sit, poised to begin and yet unable.

The cursor blinks back at you, mockingly.

It knows.

With each empty blink in your face, it knows.

It knows that you have nothing to… READ MORE