MITM Entrepreneur Spotlight

Last week, The Blog Babe was featured on Nikola Ahaiwe’s great website, Mogul in the Making. Read on for the interview… thanks, Nikola!


Today’s MITM entrepreneur spotlight features Allison Volk, founder of The Blog Babe, a company that makes “consistent content creation a total breeze by writing your blog posts for you in your voice.”  Allison found that working a 9-5 job just didn’t fit her busy lifestyle (she’s also an actress and award-winning playwright).  So, she did what any other smart, savvy future mogul would do: she started her own business to give herself the time freedom and flexibility to live life on her own terms.

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What I learned from Hurrican Iselle

Normally I like to keep this blog pretty blog-focused, but I had an amazing experience last week that taught me a lot about life and business that I’d like to share today.

Thinking that we’d treat ourselves to a nice, relaxing vacation, my sister, Annie, and I flew to Hawaii for about a week for a yoga retreat. Of course, we never could have anticipated that the very week we decided to be on the Big Island was the same week that Hawaii would be hit with a rare hurricane (Hawaii NEVER has hurricanes!). Not only that, but somehow we also choose to stay in Puna, the part of the island that was hardest hit with the storm.


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Crafting Your About Page

We’re so over boring About pages.

9 out of 10 times, an About page is a list of credentials that doesn’t really give you a sense of who the person or what the company actually is. We’re so over it! Here are 3 tips for creating an About page that actually shares something about who you are – and makes potential clients feel more comfortable working with you.

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