What is the Meaning of Blog? Create Your Mission Statement

I could pretty confidently say that 95% of business owners create a mission statement when they start their business. It gives them a direction and an intention for their work. But how many of those business owners created a mission statement for their blog?


Whether you’re a mommy blogger, a tech blogger, or a fashion blogger, when you don’t have a mission statement for your blog, things can get a little confusing. Do you write crazy rants that people love to read because they’re hilarious? Do you write how-to blog posts that teach important skills to your readers? Are you posting your photography to attract new clients and share your art with the world? Continue reading

Create Categories for Your Blog

Blogging becomes way easy when you break it down into “types” of blog posts. For instance, if you’re a fitness expert, you might break down your blog into four subcategories such as Food, Exercise, Lifestyle and Mentality. Once you have your different categories of blog posts, it’s super easy to sit down and write them.

Today let’s take a look at some easy ways to break down your blog posts into different categories.

Categories Continue reading

How to Ask for a Testimonial – and Get a Good One!

There’s no doubt that having strong testimonials from satisfied clients is a huge credibility booster on your website. But not all testimonials are created equal – and it can sometimes be scary to ask for them! Here are 3 steps to getting the right kinds of testimonials, without feeling like a sleeze-ball.

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